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G.Hair Keratin Treatment Step 2 Only

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Size: 33.8 fl.oz

Sku: GHAIR0003

The Inoar G.Hair keratin treatment is known for making even the most difficult hair types treatable again. The formula of this keratin treatment ensures that very dry, brittle and / or little elastic hair is transformed into silky, straight and very shiny hair.

Unique to the active ingredients is that it provides deep hydration. This treatment is ideal for hair types that lack much moisture such as frizzy hair, afro hair and chemically treated hair. Besides moisture recovery is there, depending on hair type and hair style, already a straightening effect of 40% to 100% after the first treatment for a duration of 3 to 5 months.

With the advent of the Inoar GHair keratin treatment, relaxing and straightening are now a thing of the past. These popular treatments to straighten the hair we also recommend against. It creates brittle and permanently damaged hair. The Inoar GHair keratin treatment on the other hand nourishes the hair naturally with keratin and results in straight hair without damaging the structure of the hair.

Note: this is only step 2 of IINOAR G.HAIR, if you are looking for INOAR G.HAIR Keratin Treatment kit then click here

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Step2: Inoar GHair Keratin Treatment

The Anti-Volume Treatment is used to infuse keratin into the hair. The keratin treatment is rich in wheat germ protein, Shea Butter oil, lanolin, Hidrolysed Keratin, Jojoba oil, Poliquaternium 10 and KEM3 Complex.

Note: INOAR G.Hair Keratin is designed to straighten hair, but if not used correctly, you will not achieve the desired effect.