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Argan Oil Straightening Magic

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Size: 6.7 fl.oz

Sku: ARGAN0010

Thermo-active fluid for straight or chemically treated hair. Inoar Liso Mágico provides hair alignment and hydration.

Inoar Liso Mágico Protective Fluid also eliminates frizz, repairs ends, restores, and protects. Its vegan formula with argan oil and jasmine leaves the strands sealed, nourished, and with intense shine. Your hair with a progressive effect, malleable, and soft.

How to Use

Application Advice
With damp hair, spray the fluid from the length to the ends. Then, start drying and, if possible, finish with a flat iron.

Our Experts Recommend

Argan oil seals the strands and gives a soft feeling, in addition to protecting them against the action of external agents, including pollution.

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Action / Result

Argan Oil: produced from the seeds of the Argan tree, native to Morocco, valued for its various nutritive, cosmetic, and medicinal properties.

Jasmine Oil: strengthens growth, provides a moisturizing layer, and improves elasticity. Your hair aligned and with a lot of shine.

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